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1. Sex and the City was based on Candace Bushnell’s book, which comprised her weekly New York Observer columns.

1.慾望城市由坎蒂絲·布希奈兒(Candace Bushnell)的書改編,該書內容描述她每星期對於紐約的觀察。

2. Bushnell was paid just $60,000 for the rights to film those columns.

2. 布希奈兒只收到6萬元美金的權利金。

3. Sarah Jessica Parker, who played Bushnell’s alter ego, Carrie Bradshaw, was the only one of the four mainactresses whose contract stated that she would not appear nude on screen.

3. 莎拉潔西卡派克(Sarah Jessica Parker)飾演布希奈兒的另一個自我,凱莉·布雷蕭(Carrie Bradshaw)

4. The tutu Carrie wears during the opening sequence came from a bargain bin. It cost $5.



5. Cynthia Nixon is naturally blonde. She dyed her hair ginger to play Miranda.

5. 辛西雅·尼克森(Cynthia Nixon)原本的髮色是金髮。她染成紅色以飾演米蘭達(Miranda)。

6. Carrie was supposed to be brunette. Just 24 hours before the pilot was shot, producers changed their minds because Bushnell is blonde.


7. In the books, Charlotte’s last name was Ross. It was changed to York for the TV series, in which she was played by Kristin Davis.

7.在書中,夏綠蒂(Charlotte)原本姓羅斯(Ross)。在電視劇中改成約克(York),並由克莉絲汀·戴維斯(Kristin Davis)飾演。

8. After Miranda and Carrie got cupcakes there, the Magnolia Bakery on 401 Bleecker Street became so popular it had to start employing a bouncer.

8.米蘭達與凱莉在布利克街( Bleecker Street)401號的 Magnolia Bakery 吃杯子蛋糕後,這間店因為太過知名,必須請保全人員。


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9. In the first movie, Carrie borrows Love Letters of Great Men from the library. This book didn’t exist when the film was released. However, so many fans wanted to buy it that it was actually published.

9.首部電影中,凱莉從圖書館借了「偉人情書集」(Love Letters of Great Men)。這本書原本不存在,然而因為很多粉絲想買,因此真的發行。

10. While filming, Parker would spend up to 18 hours a day wearing heels as Carrie.


11. Parker spotted Carrie’s medicine cabinet at a flea market before filming began. She didn’t buy it, but later decided she’d made a mistake and went back – only to be told that it had been sold to “some TV show”. When she showed up for filming, the medicine cabinet was there.


12. In the first movie, the note that comes with the Vivienne Westwood wedding dress was handwritten by Vivienne Westwood.

12.在首部電影中,薇薇安·魏斯伍德(Vivienne Westwood)的婚禮禮服上的文字,是由薇薇安·魏斯伍德親自書寫。

13. The red-haired boy who plays Brady in the film is the same boy who plays baby Brady in the TV series.






14. The doctor in the scene where Miranda gives birth is a real doctor.

14. 在劇中替米蘭達接生的醫生是真的醫生。

15. Mr Big, played by Chris Noth, was inspired by the former magazine executive Ron Galotti, one of Bushnell’s ex-boyfriends.

15. 大人物先生,由克里斯·諾斯(Chris Noth)飾演,靈感來自一位前雜誌主編 Ron Galotti,布希奈兒的前男友之一。

16. The fifth season only has eight episodes in it because Parker was pregnant in real life.

16. 第五季只有八集,因為莎拉潔西卡派克在現實生活中懷孕了。

17. In 2012, the apartment Carrie lived in sold for $9.65 million.

17. 2012年,凱莉住的公寓賣得965萬元美金。

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18. Matthew McConaughey’s role in the episode “Escape From New York” was written for Alec Baldwin. However, Baldwin turned it down.

18. 第三季第十三集「紐約大逃亡」((Escape From New York)中,馬修麥康納(Matthew McConaughey)的角色原本是給亞歷·鮑德溫(Alec Baldwin),但是他拒絕了。

19. It was then offered to George Clooney. He also turned it down.

19. 之後也曾經邀請喬治克隆尼(George Clooney)飾演,但他也拒絕了。

20. Next, it was offered to Warren Beatty, who also rejected it.

20. 之後也邀請華倫·比提( Warren Beatty),同樣也被拒絕。

21. Only then was it offered to Matthew McConaughey.



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22. Carrie’s address is 245 East 73rd Street, Samantha’s is 300 Gansevoort Street, Charlotte’s is 700 Park Avenue, and Miranda’s is 331 West 78th Street. None of these addresses exist in real life.

22. 凱莉的住址,東73街(East 73rd)245號;莎曼珊住在甘斯沃爾特街(Gansevoort Street)300號;夏綠蒂住在公園大道(Park Avenue)700號;米蘭達住在西78街(West 78th)331號,都是不存在的地址。

23. Nixon doesn’t have pierced ears. While filming, she always wore clip-ons.

23. 辛西雅·尼克森(米蘭達)並沒有穿耳洞,拍攝的過程中,她都是戴夾式耳環。

24. Davis’s grandmother never watched the show, because Davis thought she wouldn’t understand it.

24. 克莉絲汀·戴維斯(夏綠蒂)的祖母從來沒看過本劇,因為克莉絲汀·戴維斯認為她可能無法理解。

25. Natasha, Mr. Big’s wife, always wears white. This is to convey that her personality is “vanilla”.

25. 大人物先生的老婆娜塔莎(Natasha)一直都穿白色。這是代表她的人格特質是「香草」。


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26. Kim Cattrall turned down the role of Samantha twice before being persuaded to take it.

26. 金·凱特羅(Kim Cattrall)曾經拒絕飾演莎曼珊兩次,最後才答應。

27. Even when she was being shot from the waist up, Cattrall insisted on wearing heels. She said it made her feel more like Samantha.

27. 即使只拍攝腰部以上畫面,金·凱特羅依然堅持要穿上高跟鞋。她表示這樣可以讓她感覺自己更像莎曼珊。

28. In the first film, Carrie removes a book from a display in a book shop and replaces it with her own. That book is Lucia, Lucia by Adriana Trigiani, and it’s about a woman who plans an extravagant wedding before being left at the altar.

28. 在首部電影版中,凱莉曾經在書店拿一本書放到她自己的書架上。這本書叫做「露西亞」(Lucia),作者為Adriana Trigiani。內容描述一個女性舉辦了奢華的婚禮但最後在典禮上遭拋棄。

29. In the second film, the girls arrive at Marrakech airport, not Abu Dhabi airport.

29. 在電影版第二集中,主角們到達的是馬拉喀什機場(Marrakech airport),而不是阿布達比國際機場(Abu Dhabi airport)。

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30. In the first film, Carrie and Miranda have a fight and talk about it in front of Carrie’s house. In the background, there is an Indian cab driver nodding along silently. He is the same cab driver who was used in Season 2 when they had the “up the butt” conversation.

30. 在電影版第一集中,凱莉與米蘭達在凱莉的房子前吵架爭執。在背景中,有一輛印度計程車駕駛緩緩地點頭。他也是第二季中凱莉等人在計程車內討論「抬高屁股」(up the butt)時的計程車駕駛。


31. In the scene where Trey proposes to Charlotte, a fake Tiffany’s window was used because Tiffany’s wouldn’t allow the real store to be filmed. However, a Tiffany’s employee approved the fake one before filming begun.

31. 特瑞(Trey)向夏綠蒂求婚的那一幕,使用假的蒂芙尼(Tiffany)窗口,因為蒂芙尼拒絕使用真的店面拍攝。然而在拍攝之前,蒂芙尼的一位員工認可假的蒂芙尼。

32. Willie Garson, who plays Stanford, was set up on a blind date with Parker years before Sex and the City was filmed. They are close friends in real life.

32. 威利·嘉爾森,飾演凱莉的同志好友史丹佛(Stanford),在慾望城市拍攝多年前就曾經與莎拉潔西卡派克相親過。他們在真實生活中也是好友。

33. Lots of the artwork in Aleksandr Petrovsky’s home actually belonged to the actor who played him, Mikhail Baryshnikov.

33. 亞歷山大·佩特洛夫斯基(Aleksandr Petrovsky)的家中有很多藝術品實際上都是屬於該演員米荷爾·貝瑞許尼科夫(Mikhail Baryshnikov)擁有。

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34. The music during the Carrie montage in Paris was written by Baryshnikov. It’s the same music that Aleksandr played to Carrie on his piano in “The Ick Factor”.

34. 凱莉在巴黎的那些片段的背景音樂,是由貝瑞許尼科夫(Baryshnikov)作曲。也是亞歷山大彈鋼琴給凱利聽的同一首「The Ick Factor」。

35. At the beginning of Charlotte’s wedding, a Scottish funeral dirge is played. This is to symbolise Charlotte entering a bad marriage.

35. 在夏綠蒂的婚禮一開始,播放了蘇格蘭式的葬禮哀樂。這象徵了夏綠蒂將進入一段糟糕的婚姻。

36. Victoria Beckham was offered a cameo role in the first film, but had to turn it down due to scheduling conflicts with Spice Girls tour rehearsals.

36. 維多利亞‧貝克漢(Victoria Beckham)曾經受邀客串出演電影版第一集,但是因為與辣妹合唱團的巡演衝突因此婉拒。

37. The first dog who played Pete was scared of John Corbett, so they had to get a new dog.

37. 飾演皮特(Pete)的第一頭狗因為害怕 John Corbett (飾演凱莉的男友,Aidan),所以劇組替他找了新的狗。

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38. The pre-nuptial agreement that Bunny makes Charlotte sign was written by a real lawyer.

38. 特雷的媽媽邦妮(Bunny)要求夏綠蒂簽的婚前契約是由真的律師撰寫。

39. The bit of Brady’s umbilical cord that Miranda’s cat plays with is actually a piece of beef jerky.

39. 米蘭達的貓玩弄的布萊迪的臍帶其實是一片牛肉乾。

40. Filming of the very last episode, “An American Girl in Paris – Part Deux”, finished four days before it aired.

40. 拍攝最後一集「An American Girl in Paris – Part Deux」後四天就上映。

41. There’s a continuity error in the opening sequence. The bus that splashes Carrie is full of passengers when it passes, but after the camera closes in on Carrie, it appears empty.

41. 在片頭有一個長期錯誤。經過凱莉的公車上原本載滿乘客,然而鏡頭轉到凱莉身上時,公車上卻空無一人。


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42. In 2001, Parker became an executive producer of the show. Her subsequent pay rise meant she earned $3 million per episode.

42. 2001年,莎拉潔西卡派克成為本劇的製作人。因此她的薪水提高到每集3百萬元美金。

43. The episode in which Berger breaks up with Carrie via a Post-it note was inspired by a real-life Post-it break up that one of the show’s writers went through.

43.  傑克·伯格(Jack Berger)用便利貼與凱莉分手那集的靈感來自於其中一名編劇的真實經歷。

44. In the first film, Carrie has the same phone as she did in the TV series. To show how much time had passed, the producers stuck tape to it to make it seem worn.

44. 在電影版第一集中,凱莉拿的是她在電視版的電話。為了展現出時間經過很久,製作人暫停影片並讓電話看起來很舊。

45. When Samantha runs into Phoebe (played by Geri Halliwell) on the street, they talk about Soho House, which they’re standing outside. When the scene was filmed, Victoria and David Beckham were actually inside the private members’ club.

45. 莎曼珊在街上遇到菲碧(Phoebe) (Geri Halliwell 飾演),並在蘇活俱樂部(Soho House)外面討論這個俱樂部。這場戲拍攝的時候,大衛貝克漢與維多莉亞夫婦確實在這個私人會員俱樂部內。

46. Until Season 4, Episode 12, Parker’s name and the show’s name were shown in front of the World Trade Center towers in the credits. After the 9/11 attacks and the towers’ collapse, both appeared with the Empire State Building in the background instead.

46. 在第四季第十二集之前,片頭莎拉潔西卡派克與本劇的名稱的背景是世界貿易中心雙子大樓。在911攻擊事件,世貿中心摧毀後,後面的背景都換成帝國大廈


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47. When Davis and Noth shot Charlotte and Mr Big’s “I curse the day you were born!” scene in the first film, there was a fire drill at the Catholic girls’ school across the road. A bunch of teenagers ran out of the building screaming, “We love you, Mr Big!” Noth turned around and said, “Shouldn’t you be in school?” One girl apparently replied, “Abso-fuckin-lutely!”

47. 電影版第一集,克里斯·諾斯與克莉絲汀·戴維斯拍攝夏綠蒂對大人物先生大罵「我詛咒你出生」(I curse the day you were born!)那場戲,那天附近的天主教女子中學正好舉行消防演習。一堆青少女衝出來對諾斯大叫「我們愛你,大人物先生」。諾斯轉頭問「你們不是應該在學校嗎?」其中一位女孩子回答「你他媽說的沒錯!」(Abso-fuckin-lutely!)

48. None of the main four characters repeat a full outfit throughout the course of the TV show, until the final episode where Carrie wears a fur coat from the first series.

48. 四位主要演員拍攝這齣劇中都沒有穿過重複的服裝,一直到最後一集,凱莉穿著一件第一季出現過的毛皮大衣。

49. Carrie asks 92 questions in her columns throughout the series.

49. 凱莉在整個系列中總共問了92個問題。

50. In the episode before she moves to Paris, Carrie writes, “Is it time to stop questioning?” This is her final question, as in the final two episodes she doesn’t ask anything.

50. 在凱莉搬到巴黎之前,她寫道「是時候停止發問了嗎?」這是她最後一個問題。最後兩集中她再也沒有問問題。

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