‘How I Met Your Mother’ Fans To Get Their Happy Ending? Series’ DVD Set To Include Alternate Ending To Series Finale


By NELLIE ANDREEVA | Friday April 4, 2014 @ 3:14pm PDT

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EXCLUSIVE: Four days after the How I Met Your Mother series finale, fans of the show are still reeling from the controversial ending that saw the mother die, Robin and Barney divorce and Ted end up with Robin, leaving viewers stunned. Reaction has been overwhelming, with the HIMYM finale dividing fans and instantly becoming one of the most debated series closers ever, with fans starting a petition to have the ending changed. They may get their wish.


I have learned that the controversial sequence was not the only conclusion the HIMYM writers considered. I hear creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas also contemplated an alternate ending, which will be included in HIMYM‘s upcoming DVD set. I hear the alternate ending does not involve additional footage but rather a different editing of the episode. HIMYM producers and studio 20th Century Fox TV would not comment on any specifics of the alternate closing, but a source described it as a “happy ending.”

筆者瞭解到,具爭議性的結局並不是追劇的編劇唯一考慮到的事。筆者從創作者 Carter Bays 與 Craig Thomas 那邊提到它們考慮使用備用結局,也許會收錄在追劇即將推出的DVD。筆者所了解到的備用結局,並不包括其他畫面,而是在結局集中使用不同的編輯方式。追劇製作人與20世紀福斯對於備用結局並不表示評論,然而消息來源指出這會是「快樂結局」。

Based on what we saw in the existing finale, it could only be re-cut in a couple of ways. If the producers don’t keep the story of Ted hooking up with Robin, the alternatives are for Ted to stay with the mother or end up alone. A fan-made montage circulated on the web this week edited the episode to create an alternate ending, in which Ted sees the yellow umbrella, meets Tracy McConnell, a train whizzes by and the screen fades to black to voice-over, “and that, kids, is how I met your mother.” The video went viral before 20th TV shut it down over rights issues. If Bays and Thomas’ alternate ending is “happier” than the current one, one could assume that it involves the mother staying alive and in Ted’s life, maybe in the vein of what the fan suggested.

據稱該集會是我們看到的結局,但是會重新用不同方式剪輯。如果製作人不想繼續讓泰德再與羅賓糾結,該備用結局應該會讓泰德直接跟母親在一起或是泰德最後一個人。本周在網路上出現了粉絲自製的結局,泰德看到了黃色雨傘,與母親 Tracy McConnell相遇,畫面淡出,最後泰德旁白說「孩子們,這就是我怎麼遇見你們母親」。該影片在20世紀福斯電視台要求下架之前被粉絲瘋狂轉載。如果 Bays 與 Thomas 的備用結局可以比現在的還要「快樂」的話,那可以假設母親還活著,或者是包含粉絲所建議的那樣。

Bays and Thomas went with the ending they had been plotting since the beginning as the scene in the finale with Ted’s kids who encourage him to go after Aunt Robin following their mother’s death was filmed back in Season 2. It is understandable that they would have had second thoughts 7 1/2 years later. Back in Season 2, the Tracy character was just an outline on a page while Robin felt like the love of Ted’s life, despite being ruled out as the mother in the pilot episode. But as she was introduced in last year’s finale, Tracy came to life. Over the past season, fans got to know her and got invested in her and Ted ending up together. Ultimately, the original plan prevailed. Now we’ll get to see the alternative.

Bays 與 Thomas 曾經表示泰德的孩子們鼓勵他去追羅賓的結局畫面早在第二季結束的時候就拍攝好。這可以理解他們經過了7又二分之一年之後會需要想另一個結局。在第二季的時候,母親的角色還是完全沒提及,而羅賓當時正是泰德的交往對象,雖然在第一季第一集的時候就宣布羅賓並非是母親。但是當母親於最後一季被介紹時,Tracy 就出現了。經過最後一季的介紹下,粉絲們了解了母親並且認為泰德最後應該跟她在一起。然而最後還是使用了原先的計畫,現在,我們可以期待備用結局會是什麼樣子。


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